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Student/ Parent Handbook

  1. It is important to arrive on time to class. Students arriving late are disruptive to the others students in class. Students arriving more than 15 min late will be asked to watch the class.

  2. Arrive at class with your correct attire for dance. This includes the following: leotard, tights, dance shoes, hair up off of neck to enable learning. The dress code is posted in the lobby and on the website for reference. 

  3. ONLY WATER: May be brought into class. Please do not bring sugar drinks into the studio. Birthday treats maybe passed out at the end of class.

  4. No eating or drinking allowed in the studio or lobby areas. This is for the safety and health of all students. Exceptions will be made for students with medical needs. We must consider those with food allergies.

  5. Dancers staying a the studio for more than 2 hours may obtain permission to eat at the studio. These individuals may eat a the table in the lobby.

  6. Please watch your children. Parents are responsible for all damages their children cause. (Running and wrestling in the hallway and lobby are strictly prohibited.)

  7. Parents and students must wait in the waiting room until class starts. Teachers will bring students out to the lobby when class is over. If a parent is not in the lobby when class is released those students will be brought back to the studio with the teacher.

  8. Parents who are chronically late picking up their children will be charged $20 every 15 minutes they are late. This is an industry standard. Please call the studio if you are running late so we can work together.

  9. Please call the studio at (847) 487-4700 if your child will be missing class or if you are going to be late or early picking up your child from class.

  10. Do not send your child to dance with a communicable illness. If your dancer has been exposed to a Covid positive person, please avoid the studio until a negative test has been achieved. Children not feeling well should remain home until they are feeling healthy. Absent students many make-up the classes at a later date.

  11. Label all personal property with permanent marker. This eliminates confusion for the teachers as well as the students who all have the same looking articles.

  12. Parents with children in Premier 1-3 are expected to wait in the lobby while classes are taking place. This is to ensure that all students receive help in the restroom. Teacher and staff are not allowed to help any child in the bathroom. This is the responsibility of the parent or detonated family member or friend. 

  13. Please use the restroom prior to the start of class. This greatly reduces the amount of trips made to the restroom during valuable class time.

  14. Young students under the age of 6 should not be dropped off without an adult. These students need help putting on their dance shoes and preparing for class. This makes the transition to the class easy and enjoyable for student, parent, and teacher.

  15. ABW has strict policies regarding Bullying. If you feel, your dancer or another student is being bullied, please bring it to the attention of a staff member. Our staff is always watching for certain behaviors. However, we cannot track all behavior students are exhibiting, both in the studio or at home. This includes but is not limited to online behavior as well. We constantly strive to make ABW a safe and fun environment for all of our students.  

  16. ABW encourages/ expects our dancers to maintain the highest standards pertaining to social media posts. Please think twice before posting anything online regarding yourself or the studio. 

  17. Please do not walk on studio floors with street shoes on. We want to maintain the integrity of the floors for dance technique. 

  18. Do not stand on furniture or benches. This is for the safety of all children. Children can be seriously injured from falling off furniture.

  19. Please do not allow young children to band on studio windows. This is dancergous and distracting to students in class. Observation time is for the parents to view the progress of their children.

  20. Please feel free to take advantage or our open-door policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email the studio directly so we can address your issue in the best way possible. 

Our rules exist to maintain our standards and ensure the safety of all children who are on the ABW property. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

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